Creating Places to Stand: On Dismantling Oppressive Behaviors in Academia

"You can't sit with us" There is a long list of reasons some people in academia will make up for justification as to why they won’t let you “sit” (interact) with them. For example, You can’t sit with them unless: You went to this elite school like they are all alums from (oh you didn’t … Continue reading Creating Places to Stand: On Dismantling Oppressive Behaviors in Academia

Activism in Graduate School: Our communities can’t wait for the degrees

Our Communities Can’t Wait. Our Students Can’t Wait. Don’t save the activism until you get a degree. Activism in urgent times. (Updated)

Xicana Ph.D.

During my first week in a new state, my advisor invited me to a meeting where policy makers would be sitting in the room. She told me I didn’t have to go, because techincally I didn’t start working for her until the quarter would begin a month later, but I decided what else was I going to do in the rainy city I had just moved to.

We arrived at the meeting and being the observer I am when I first meet people, I  decided to listen. I watched how people talked and dressed. A man walked in late, a man I later found out was a state legislator and began to talk about Latinos and broadly Latino families. He then said something I considered to be a sterotype and reinforces deficit thinking. He said Latino families don’t care about their children’s education. While in my situation personally, my parents…

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