Activism in Graduate School: Our communities can’t wait for the degrees

Our Communities Can’t Wait. Our Students Can’t Wait. Don’t save the activism until you get a degree. Activism in urgent times. (Updated)

Xicana Ph.D.

During my first week in a new state, my advisor invited me to a meeting where policy makers would be sitting in the room. She told me I didn’t have to go, because techincally I didn’t start working for her until the quarter would begin a month later, but I decided what else was I going to do in the rainy city I had just moved to.

We arrived at the meeting and being the observer I am when I first meet people, I  decided to listen. I watched how people talked and dressed. A man walked in late, a man I later found out was a state legislator and began to talk about Latinos and broadly Latino families. He then said something I considered to be a sterotype and reinforces deficit thinking. He said Latino families don’t care about their children’s education. While in my situation personally, my parents…

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