The Importance of “Staying Rooted” in These Times

The Importance of "Staying Rooted" in These Times By Irene Sanchez (Xicana Ph.D.) Remembering who I am has meant for me to remember my roots. Our roots are what hold us steady no matter what may come our way. They remind us to keep growing up and if we need a reminder of how strong … Continue reading The Importance of “Staying Rooted” in These Times

A Letter to my “Academic Mama”

Originally on last year for mamas day.
Republished at Inside Higher Education in August 2017
Happy Mother’s Day.

Xicana Ph.D.

Dear Academic Mama,

I am here. I am still here. I said this today after thinking about how hard life has been after finishing the Ph.D. I emailed you to ask you for a letter of recommendation again today and remembered how many times for many years, I would come to your office for a meeting and how I wish you were here.

I came to you like many who walk through your door carrying more than books and my laptop. You reminded me that This Bridge Called My Back isn’t just a catchy title, but a lived reality. And I thought about how when I met you, you helped me set down my worries, my pain, and gave me a safe place as a Xicana in academia, a survivor, a single mama and so many things I was or became in the six years I spent with you in…

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