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  • Lessons From a Teacher’s First Active Shooter Drill

    Lessons from a Teacher’s First Active Shooter Drill By Irene Sanchez (Xicana Ph.D.) 5 years agoYear 1 Public schoolI became a high school teacher My son entered kindergartenWe had our first active shooter drills High school teacherThree schools a day, everydayThat morning Continuation schoolFollow the instruction on the paper Most importantLock the doorLock the door … Continue reading Lessons From a Teacher’s First Active Shooter Drill

  • What’s Really Sad

    By Irene M. Sanchez Xicana Ph.D. What’s really sad. Representation is important. I see that as a Chicano/Latino Studies teacher everyday. Representation is important, but it is not enough if all our idea of representation does is reinforce tired stereotypes that mock the most powerless within a certain culture/community. I get satire and its importance … Continue reading What’s Really Sad

  • Learning Loss for Generations: Segregated Mexican Schools and the 1918 Flu Pandemic

    “With so many Mexicans in the grammar schools this would greatly interfere with class work, as the excluded students, who are always the slowest in the classes, would fall still farther behind, making the present task of completing a year’s work before next summer nearly impossible”. This denial of education for Mexican students during the 1918 flu pandemic, which was the same “logic” that established separate Mexican schools, was rooted in white supremacy and racism in the ideas that Mexican students were dirty, unclean, inferior in intelligence, and likely wouldn’t catch up with school work anyway.

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