Xicana Ph.D.


  • New Report Shows Latino History is Left Out of U.S. History Textbooks

    By Irene SanchezXicana Ph.D. When I began teaching Latino studies, I wasn’t surprised when I picked up a U.S. history textbook to see how many times Latinos were mentioned in the book. That school year, the U.S. history books were brand new in our district and as I combed through it to see if there…

  • The Struggle to Learn Our Histories in U.S. Schools 55 years after the East LA Walkouts

    By Irene Sanchez  During the East LA walkouts that took place in early March 1968, thousands of students from five East LA high schools demanded classes that focused on their culture, Latino teachers and administrators, use of the restroom during lunch and other demands they presented to the Los Angeles Unified School District’s school board.…

  • We Are Not Settling Anymore

    By Xicana Ph.D. Irene M. Sanchez We are not settling anymore. Not for crumbs. Not for exposure. Not for the possibility of a future opportunity. Not for your comfort. Not in exchange for our silence. No more. We are not settling. We are getting what we are fairly owed. Compensation for our time and labor…

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