How We Survive

How We Survive By Xicana Ph.D. I am here. This is a meditation and prayer. This was the first sentence of my dissertation. It is an affirmation that as long as I am still breathing there is work to be done. This is how I not only “made it” through my Ph.D., but how I […]

Protests, Movement, and Memory: The Chicano Moratorium

Protests, Movement, and Memory: The Chicano Moratorium By Irene Sanchez Xicana Ph.D Originally published on The Southwest Political Report August 29, 2018 Protests have been used to challenge injustice in society. The freedom to peacefully assemble is part of the first amendment rights of the U.S. constitution. Time and time again these so-called guaranteed rights […]

Rubidoux Resist! A Year Later

Rubidoux Resist! A Year Later Xicana Ph.D. By: Irene Sanchez A year after the Rubidoux High School Walkouts in 2017, there is still much work to be done? Many years after walkouts I experienced for myself during the time of Prop 187 as a student in Jurupa Unified School District, I ask what has changed? […]