How We Survive

How We Survive By Xicana Ph.D. I am here. This is a meditation and prayer. This was the first sentence of my dissertation. It is an affirmation that as long as I am still breathing there is work to be done. This is how I not only “made it” through my Ph.D., but how I […]

Teaching May Day Everyday

Teaching May Day Everyday By: Irene Sanchez May Day 2018. I go to work. I’m a high school teacher and have been this past year. I teach Chicana/o/x or Latina/o/x Studies at three different high schools everyday. I never forget everyday the responsibility I have to my community. I never forget the responsibility I have […]

Rubidoux Resist! A Year Later

Rubidoux Resist! A Year Later Xicana Ph.D. By: Irene Sanchez A year after the Rubidoux High School Walkouts in 2017, there is still much work to be done? Many years after walkouts I experienced for myself during the time of Prop 187 as a student in Jurupa Unified School District, I ask what has changed? […]