AB 2772 (Medina) Ethnic Studies Bill Moves Forward in California

AB 2772 (Medina) Ethnic Studies Bill Moves Forward in California

Xicana Ph.D.

By: Irene Sanchez


Today AB 2772 passed the Senate Education Committee and will now move forward to Appropriations, a vote by the Senate and if passed, the Governors signature.

The movement to make Ethnic Studies a graduation requirement in K-12 has been long and now looks closer to becoming a reality.

Lupe Carrasco Cardona, Ethnic Studies Teacher and Chair of the Association of Raza Educators shares the significance of the AB 2772 moving forward,

“Today is significant for all California’s children and communities. Although it means students will only need one semester course for graduation from high school in Ethnic Studies, it is still significant. It means all students will have a more well rounded education that includes multiple perspectives of history. Students will see themselves in school curriculum which is great for love of self and community, but more importantly it facilitates students’ understandings of how to move forward and transform society through their education. This is a success for students because Ethnic Studies is about analysis of each individual within the context of larger communities; this benefits everyone. It should be noted that part of the success of implementation of true, critical Ethnic Studies is that it goes beyond multiculturalism and diversity studies to name and re-create systems that have created oppression and injustice. Today’s success is about true praxis and transformation.”

Although there were concerns the bill would be stalled, today the Chair of the Senate Education Committee Ben Allen recommended it with no amendments due to calls from community.

Ethnic Studies Now founder and educator Jose Lara wrote:

“I am proud to testify in front of the CA Senate Education Committee along with the Supt. of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson in support of #AB2772 Ethnic Studies authored by Assemblymember Jose Medina. The line for community support of this bill went out the door!!! This was amazing! I am so proud of our community. Ethnic Studies Education for High School Graduation!”

Others who testified for the bill included State Superintendent Tom Torlakson. In attendance was also Luis Alejo, a Monterey County Board of Supervisor member who was previously an assemblyman and had proposed an Ethnic Studies Bill during his term.

Here is video of Jose Lara testifying


Updates will be added as they come in on the bills next steps and people who will need to be contacted as the movement to pass the bill and make Ethnic Studies for all a reality in CA.



Photos: Luis Alejo

Top: Rally after passage

Bottom: Azusa resident/activist and ES supporter Victor Gonzalez

2 thoughts on “AB 2772 (Medina) Ethnic Studies Bill Moves Forward in California

  1. Hello. I was a Cal. teacher for 32 years, and served on the Civil Rights in Ed. committee on the CTA State Council, along with Jose Lara. I’ve been retired for 3 years, and now serve on the board of the Five Cities Diversity Coalition, on the central coast. We’d like to help in whatever way we can to get this bill passed. Please advise in ways that we can assist your efforts. Thank you. Kathy Minck


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